Lyric has incredible intuition and helped to see what was holding me back from achieving my success. Her precision and experience blew me away and with her loving support I was able to develop tools that allowed me to work through the pain of my father’s death. I will forever be grateful for her and all the gifts of healing she has shared with me.

Carrie Hawkins

Lyric’s self cultivation practices have inspired me to live in a way that changed my life with prayer, healing foods, and through incorporating mindfulness into my daily life. Since I began working with her my relationships improved and I have gained a deeper sense of myself which has supported me in all areas of my life.
— Sam Sterling

Lyric’s mindfulness training helped our business grow during a challenging time of conflict through learning how to cultivate resilience and tolerance in the work place. I also personally feel so much healthier and happier all around since her last session with us! I highly recommend her!
— Women's Wellness Corporation
Lyric Harmony is a fantastic bodywork practitioner in many regards. I regularly receive massage from a variety of professionals and I can honestly say that Lyric remains one of the most skilled I have ever met. She has a great knowledge of muscular systems as well as training in a variety of healing modalities, particularly Ayurveda, which she uses to treat the body as an integrated whole. I would often remark, that it seemed like magic emanated from her fingertips, as she seems to have an intuitive ability to place her hands directly on the spots that need healing and to move the static energy around and to eliminate it.
Her personality as well is a joy to be around, and you immediately get the sense that she is an accomplished expert in this field.
— Erik Morse